My family is Shaman. How do I tell them I'm Christian?

 Photo: Shaman Hmong Woman, Youth In Charge Blog, Creative Commons

Photo: Shaman Hmong Woman, Youth In Charge Blog, Creative Commons

A youth asked me this question after accepting Christ at a church event. He wasn't sure how to tell his parents, who are Shaman. Even though I felt a bit out of my element (being mekas), here's the brief advice I gave him. I doubt many of you have faced this situation, but perhaps these  steps can help you in  your next difficult conversation with your parents.

Before I continue, I want to say welcome to the family of God. Your decision to become a Christian means that you are a child of God and you never have to face a situation alone.

Get Help From God

First, pray for God's help in telling you family. You can pray for strength, courage, humility...anything you need. God answers our prayers.

Get Help From Family

Second, do you have any other family members who are Christian? If so, talk to them first. Ask them for help in telling your parents. Often another adult, like an aunt or uncle, can talk to your parents in ways that you wouldn't be able to. At a minimum, they can at least help you think of how to tell your parents.

Get Help From Pastors and Friends

Third, do you have pastors, elders, or youth leaders from church who could come alongside you when you talk to them? If things get tense and they get really angry or even reject you, you'll need a safe place and safe people around you for support.

So, those would be my suggestions. I feel you, man. My family isn't Christian and it was really hard telling them when I accepted Christ as a teenager. It definitely caused some tension and conflicts. But God is faithful and bigger than all the stuff we go though. Go with God, brother.