4 Suggestions for a God-Honoring Photo Shoot with Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend

This is a follow-up to a question someone asked me, "Is it okay to do a photo shoot with my boyfriend/girlfriend?"

Earlier in the week, I answered someone’s question about whether it’s okay to do a photo shot with their bf/gf. You can read my answer here.

This got me thinking… What would a healthy photo shot look like? If you love doing photo shots (you know who you are), here are four strategies that I believe would make for a healthy boyfriend/girlfriend photo shoot.

1) Go out with another couple or a group of people
You can still take pictures with just the two of you, but it will be much less intimate. And it’ll also probably be more fun. If you only want to be with your bf/gf and don’t want others around, that’s a pretty good indication that you want something more out of that time together than just photos. And that’s definitely not healthy.

2) Avoid poses that are particularly intimate or personal
Engagement and wedding photos are often very intimate – holding each other tightly, close-ups on faces, kissing. If you're trying to “copy” what wedding photos look like, then that is definitely too close. A bf/gf photo shoot shouldn't be like that. As a rule of thumb: If you wouldn't pose like that with a friend, don’t pose like that with a bf/gf.

3) If you’re having sex, don't do a photo shoot together
Having sex is a really good sign that your struggling (and failing) with too much “oneness” in your relationship (acting/thinking like a married couple, always doing stuff together, etc.). Not only is your relationship really unhealthy, but you are both dishonoring God. Forget the photos; you've got more important things to worry about.

4) Ask for someone else's opinion
Once you get the photos back, ask a trusted friend (preferably single) to look through all the photos and share any concerns they have about them. If you get uncomfortable about the idea of having somebody else look through the photos, then you probably shouldn't have taken them in the first place.

There you have it. Whatever you do, do it as it for the Lord (Col. 3:23)... even photo shoots.

There you have it. Honor God is all that you do, all you shutterbugs out there.