What’s Your Next Step at RiverLife? Here are 100 Possibilities!

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In Pastor Greg’s sermon “What’s Your Next Step?” (Week 10 of RiverLife DNA: The Building Blocks of Our Church), he said “Active participation in church community is the best environment to build a more-and-more faith.” (Listen to the sermon for an explanation of a “more-and-more faith”. So, here’s a list of 100 possible next steps for your faith and your involvement in church.

Learn More About the Church (if you’re new to RiverLife)

1. Commit to attend service four times in a row.
2. Meet Pastor Greg, Pang Foua, or Pastor Kong.
3. Visit our Info Table.
4. Ask for a tour of the building.
5. If you have kids or youth, ask to sit in on RiverKids or Thrive Youth on a Sunday.
6. Follow us on Facebook.
7. Download our app.
8. Visit our website: www.RiverLifeMN.com.
9. Ask someone in the lobby, “Why do you go to RiverLife?”

Get More Involved in Church (if you only attend Sunday service)

10. Attend service more than you miss.
11.  Invite someone to lunch after church.
12. Meet someone new after service.
13. Volunteer on a ministry team.
14. Serve on a Community Engagement team (homeless ministry, food shelf, refugees, etc.).
15. Visit a Life Group Bible study.
16. Invite family or friends to church. (Christmas is a great opportunity.)
17. Give financially to the ministry of RiverLife.
18. Fill out a Connection Card. (You can find them at the Info Table.)
19. Donate to The RiverBank Food Shelf.
20. Schedule a kids play date with another family in the church.
21. Join us for one of our monthly fellowship events (starting in January).
22. Sit in a different place on Sunday morning to meet new people.
23. Arrive 10 minutes earlier to church and talk with someone. 

Grow in Your Faith (if you’re a Christian and want to grow more) OR
Learn More About Christianity (if you’re not a Christian and are exploring)

24. Join a Life Group Bible study.
25. Watch or listen to a previous sermon series.
26. Attend the Prayer Gathering on Wednesdays from 6:30-8:30pm.
27. Get baptized.
28. Ask for prayer after service.
29. Attend a Growth Class (Sunday School), starting in January.
30. Write out your faith story, i.e. how you came to believe in Jesus.
31. Tell someone your faith story.
32. Ask Pastor Greg a spiritual question.
33. Reach out to Pastor Greg or Pang Foua for help with a problem in your life.
34. Increase your giving to RiverLife.
35. Sign up for an automated, recurring gift to RiverLife.
36. Take the 3-Month Giving Challenge. (Go to www.RiverLifeMN.com/give for details.)
37. Tell someone you’re a Christian.
38. Tell someone why you’re a Christian.
39. Subscribe to our weekly sermon podcast.
40. Try a spiritual discipline for a week—meditation, silence, solitude, fasting, journaling, gratitude, etc.
41. Forgive someone who hurt you. Reconcile with them, if possible.
42. Look for someone who’s faith you admire and ask them out for coffee.
43. Quit a bad habit for a week; pray each day asking the Holy Spirit to empower you.
44. Start each morning by reciting a prayer to God (Google “morning prayers” to find a good one).
45. Cook a double batch of dinner and bring the second half to someone who could use it.
46. Pray for someone immediately after they have shared a prayer request. 
47. Memorize a Bible verse.
48. Write a thank you card, email, or text to someone who’s been spiritually significant in your life.
49. Listen to some Christian music channels on Spotify.
50. Go to a Christian music concert 

Get More Bible in Your Life

Use Your Phone/Tablet

51. Download the YouVersion Bible app.
52. Download the Bible for Kids app. (It’s awesome!)
53. Use one of the Bible app’s daily reading plan. (There are some great ones.)
54. Download a devotional app, such as Daily Bible Devotion, Jesus Calling, or Streams in the Desert.
55. Stream Bible art straight to your device with Bible Screen.
56. Download Bible verse graphics and store them in your photo library to look at throughout the day.

Read a Book

57. Read a devotional book with Bible passages and spiritual  reflections.
58. Read an easy-to-understand version, like the New Living Translation or The Message.
59. Read a Bible version that’s different than the one you’re used to.
60. Read one of Amazon’s top 10 best-selling Christian books.
61. Read and use Creative Times with God by Doug Fields.
62. Read one of the graphic novel Bibles, such as The Action Bible, Manga Bible, or Almighty Bible.
63. Buy a topical Bible verse book and look up issues you’re currently struggling with.
64. Print out a passage and use colored pens and highlighters to note interesting observations.
65. Read the Bible “from the inside out.” Start with a verse, then the paragraph, and then the whole chapter. See if your understanding of the verse changes.

Get Creative

66. Read a passage and write down your thoughts about it in a journal.
67. Read a passage and draw, scribble, create a collage of your thoughts.
68. Get a group of friends to act out a passage together.
69. Decorate your house with art that includes Bible verses.
70. Bake a “Scripture Cake”. (Go ahead, Google it. It’s a thing.)
71. Pick a verse and draw, paint, or design a picture that symbolizes it.

Use Your Drive Time

72. Listen to an audio Bible as you drive.
73. Listen to sermons on your phone or on KTIS Faith Radio 900 AM while driving.
74. Listen to Christian music (of any style) that includes lyrics from the Bible.
75. Stick a Bible verse on your dashboard. Keep it until you have it memorized.
76. Turn off music and talk to God.
77. Buy and listen to an audio book from Amazon’s top 10 best-selling Christian books

Watch Stuff

78. Watch anything from The Bible Project. They’re AMAZING!
79. Watch sermons online. (Not sure who? Start with Andy Stanley.)
80. Watch “sermon jams” on YouTube. (Go ahead, look it up.)
81. Watch a “scripture video” on ListenonRepeat 4-5 times in a row.
82. Find a Bible movie on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime. Check out The Bible, Son of God, The Gospel of Matthew, The Gospel of Luke, The Gospel of John, The Prince of Egypt.
83. Watch The Jesus Film on YouTube. (It’s free!)

Use Facebook

84. Like pages that give you daily Bible verses on your wall, such as “Digital Bible” or “Verse of the Day”.
85. Follow some popular pastors on Facebook.
86. Share verses that you like from others and review them on your wall later.

Do Stuff with Friends or Family

87. Host a Bible study with some friends. Find a study guide online or in a bookstore.
88. Challenge a friend to a week-long Bible reading contest—each day you miss, you pay the other $1.
89. Play “Bible study” with your kids. Use a picture Bible. Ask questions—some silly, some serious.

Expand Your Knowledge

90. Buy the NIV Study Bible—in print or the app. Read passage explanations and additional insights.
91. Sign up for a free trial of Bible Gateway Plus, a complete Bible study library.
92. Buy a good, entry-level Bible commentary (like The Bible Knowledge Commentary) or a Bible dictionary, like The Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary.
93. Look up your toughest questions about Christianity on www.gotquestions.org.
94. Learn about the Inductive Bible Study method (Google it).
95. Take an online Bible class


96. Set a Bible verse graphic as the background on your laptop.
97. Print out Bible verses and put them in your room or around the house.
98. Read the Bible in short bursts—eating lunch, on the bus, waiting in line, on the toilet.
99. Schedule Bible reading time on your calendar.
100. Pray Bible passages. (This works really well with Psalms.)