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College of Prayer Conference: "The Exposure and Practice of God’s Healing Heart"

You will not want to miss this Fall Module of the Upper Midwest College of Prayer. The theme is “The Exposure & Practice of God’s Healing Heart.” We will learn about God’s healing heart towards all He has made, and His desire to minster His healing grace through His people. Our presenter for this module is Dr. Ron Walborn. Ron is a gifted communicator, teacher and practitioner of God’s healing grace. He will help us realize God’s healing heart for our lives, and for those whom God gives us. 

Do you desire for the Heavenly Father to bring new vitality into your life, your church, and for the advancement of His Kingdom through His healing touch? Then this module is for you. It is for any who desire to be more involved with God in His healing nature, and for those who personally need a healing touch from our loving Savior. Together we will join Dr. Ron Walborn as he leads us into deeper understanding of the nature and characteristics of God’s loving desire to make Himself known as “Yahweh Rapha,” our healing God. The time will be filled with practical teaching, and the application of God’s healing principles in each session.

Registration Costs
Individual: $125 afterwards). 
Married Couple: $175 (includes both spouses). 
Student Rate: $45 

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