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Family Day at RiverLife

We love families here at RiverLife and want to give all you parents an opportunity for your kids to join you in service and worship God together. So, we're going to have a Sunday service where EVERYBODY will be together in the big room--singing, laughing, and learning about God together.

But don't worry. This won't be just any old boring, adult service. It's going to be totally kid-friendly—with a shorter service, songs and interactive stuff for the kids, and even a special 5-minute message just for them from Pastor Greg.

Also, rest assured for all you adults out there, we'll still have all the great stuff you love about RiverLife--coffee and pastries, powerful music from Johan and the worship band, and a short, inspiring sermon from Pastor Greg geared for you.

So, join us as we make some memories—some crazy, funny, chaotic memories—worshiping God together as individual families and as one big church family.