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RiverLife Men's Fishing Tournament

  • Lake Announced the Night Before (map)

Do you have skills to beat out the world's best fishermen? (Or how about just a bunch of average fishermen on a typical Minnesota lake?) Then join us for RiverLife's first fishing tournament. CONTACT US TO SIGN UP.

This will be a team tournament with a 5 fish weigh-in limit. This means you can catch as many fish as you like, but only the 5 biggest will count. We will also go by length instead of weight. Measure your fish and take a picture showing fish and length. 

Each contestant is responsible for their own canoe. No motorized boats allowed.

Time will be 7:00 AM to 12:00 PM. This means you need to get their early enough to get set up and out on the water to start at 7:00 AM.

RULES: The rules are adapted from Twin Cities Hmong Bassers, deleted the ones that weren't relevant for us, and adjusted some to meet our format.

  1. Two people per canoe.
  2. Five fish limit, largemouth & smallmouth bass.
  3. Artificial lures only. No live bait.
  4. 12” minimum size (or whatever the minimum size is for specific bodies of water). Any fish weighed in under the minimum size will not be counted. You cannot replace short fish during weigh-in.
  5. Launch Sequence. We should all be in canoes and ready to go before 7:00 AM. At 7:00 AM we will be in the water by boat launch and I will announce the start. You may go wherever from there.
  6. For tie breakers, biggest fish wins, then number of fish. If both same, then it’s a tie. 
  7. Must stay casting distance from another boater. This means if two people in different canoes cast at each other you should be far enough that the lures should not meet or pass each other.
  8. Weigh-in promptly. Must be back to the boat launch by 12:00 PM. Penalty of 5 inches per 5 minutes late. If more than 15 minutes late, you are disqualified. Please plan appropriately and return early as needed. No excuses of any kind, including boat problems. It is your responsibility to get back to weigh-in promptly. Call director or someone else for help if needed early.
  9. Abide by all state laws, boating rules, & fishing regulations.
  10. We will vote on any disputes.