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Discussion Circle on Immigration

We know that immigration is a sensitive topic for many of us. That's why we want to give you a safe time and place to talk about it. After service, we'll be hosting a 1-hour discussion circle in the sanctuary for people who would like to process and discuss the topic of immigration and Pastor Greg's sermons. It'll be led by Alicia Thoj and Pang Moua, both of whom have extensive professional experience leading people in thoughtful conversations about sensitive topics. 

Childcare will be provided downstairs. Registration is not required. Just come with an open heart and a gentle spirit.

Below are the discussion guidelines that we will be following:

  1. Be physically and mentally present to the others in your group
  2. Refrain from fixing, saving, or setting straight others in the group
  3. When interaction gets tricky, wonder about the topic instead of defending the topic
  4. Pay attention to the distinction between dialogue (which is about asking questions to understand another) and debate (which is about persuading another)
  5. Ask open-ended, honest questions. (not questions intended to make a point or communicate a hidden agenda)
  6. Speak for yourself (say "I think or I feel" NOT "people think") and own responsibility for your statements
  7. Embrace silence
  8. What is said here stays here and what is learned can be shared
  9. When you make a mistake, ask for forgiveness. When someone makes a mistake, forgive & welcome them back to the group
  10. Be mindful of time and how long you are talking