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Service: Baptism is Obedience in Community (plus Q&A)


Now is your chance to get baptized on Easter Sunday, April 21!

Do you remember the WWJD (What Would Jesus Do) bracelets? It’s an excellent way to look at life because it reminds us to constantly measure our life decisions against those of Jesus. If even Jesus got baptized, what’s stopping you? It’s time to start thinking about baptism in terms of obedience to Christ, rather than a mark of maturity, a personal choice, or a I’ll-do-it-when-I’m-ready decision. Join the community of believers and the community of the divine trinity and get baptized this Easter.

We’ll also have a time of Q&A, where you can ask Pastor Greg anything you want about baptism. Why do some churches baptize babies? Is it holy water? Can I baptize my fish? So, come to church with your best questions and objections, especially if you’ve resisted getting baptized in the past.