Gifts that Make God Smile (Plastic Donuts, Week 1)

When you give a gift to God (to your church, to a friend in need, to the poor, to a widow, etc.) how do you think He responds? Does He notice your gift? Is He keeping a record? Or could it be possible, that God receives the gifts you give as a personal gift? If so, would He be pleased with your gifts? Would He, at times, be disappointed? Is it even possible that your giving could delight the heart of God and cause Him to experience joy... maybe even smile?

Community Engagement Day: What is your Story?

This was a special service where we invited the congregation into a brave space to have conversations about our stories in light of community, poverty, local outreach and global missions. Together, we will strive to see things with God's perspective, open our hearts to seeing the needs around us, and respond appropriately with the LOVE of God through our gifts and abilities.

Raising Up the Next Generation of Disciples, ft. Dr. Ken Castor (Having Kids, Raising Kids, Week 7)

Are you concerned for the next generation? What are the key obstacles that prohibit them from living out their faith? And how can we equip the next generation to become better disciple-makers? This week join special guest speaker Dr. Ken Castor from Crown College as he shares challenges and biblical strategies parents can use as they disciple their children into adulthood.