Hope for Blended Families (Having Kids, Raising Kids, Week 6)

More and more couples are coming together with kids already in tow. This creates complex family structures, relationships, and emotions. Blended families are challenging and can be stressful for parents, but there is hope. Join Pang Foua Yang Rhodes as she brings decades of experience as a marriage and family therapist along with deep personal spirituality to show that there is hope for blended families—hope in God’s power to heal, restore, and rebuild.

Being a Tech-Wise Parent (Having Kids, Raising Kids, Week 5)

Making conscientious choices about technology in our families is about more than just filters and screen time. It's about developing wisdom, character, and courage in the way we use digital media rather than accepting technology's promises of ease, entertainment, and instant gratification. Check out this sermon to wise up about how we and our kids use our phones, tablets, and game systems.
NOTE: This was a special all-online service recorded at Pastor Greg’s House and live-streamed over Facebook.

Dealing with Infertility & Loss (Having Kids, Raising Kids, Week 1)

What happens when family planning doesn’t go as planned? You waited a few years to have kids, and now when you’re ready nothing’s happening. Or the unimaginable happens: you lose a much hoped-for pregnancy or newborn. Join Pang Foua Yang Rhodes to discover the hope God has for those couples who are dealing with infertility or have experienced loss.