Tommy Lor, Youth Director

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Tommy was born and raised in Menomonie, Wisconsin, where Walmart was the closest thing to a mall experience and there was no such thing as rush hour traffic. On his downtime, Tommy enjoys telling stories, playing basketball, and exploring new places.

Although he spent his childhood attending church, Tommy attributes his teenage years as the key factor in developing his personal relationship with Jesus. Through years of participating and volunteering in his local youth ministry, he developed a heart to serve the church and share his faith with those around him.

After graduating from high school, Tommy left left home to pursue a Pastoral Leadership and Christian Studies at Crown College. On his last year of undergrad, Tommy had the privilege of interning here at RiverLife.

Today, Tommy serves at RiverLife as the Director of Thrive Youth Ministries. Some of the aspects that he enjoys most about working with teenagers is seeing them discover their own faith, building relationships, playing ridiculous games, and empowering teenagers to lead.