Ying Xiong, Connections Director

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“I am passionate about building genuine, intentional relationships with people.  Just as Jesus called us to have a deep and personal relationship with him, it’s my desire that we would do the same with all the people in our lives.  Through meaningful connections, honest dialogue, and intentional relationship building, we can truly share life and sharpen each other to grow in our understanding, our relationship, and our faith in God.”

Ying Xiong was born in Laos and is the third of eleven children.  He grew up in Wisconsin and spent most of his adolescence in Michigan working at his parents restaurant.  Ying attended Eastern Michigan University and graduated with his B.S. in Biology.  He then attended the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee and graduated with his Doctorate in Physical Therapy.  

Ying is currently a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy and provides treatment for disabled children throughout the west metro area schools. Through school and work, he realized there were unique challenges to being Hmong and working in field of physical therapy. As a result, he founded HmongPT.org as a resource to support Hmong physical therapy students and healthcare.

Ying is passionate about improving the health and well-being of the Hmong and other underserved communities. He is an active member of the Hmong Healthcare Professionals Coalition and serves on an Education Community Team that networks Hmong teachers together and advocates for Hmong language curriculum in schools.  

In his free time, Ying is a freelance photographer and enjoys photographing people, landscapes, and sports.  He also loves the great outdoors, including everything from fishing to hiking to kayaking, as well as traveling, meeting new people, playing sports, and working out.  

"We got married over 20 years ago. I had no idea what I was getting into."
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