Facility Rental Information

We love sharing with others what God has given to us. Our church makes a great venue for your small- to medium-sized wedding, birthday party, bridal shower, or family celebration.

Our sanctuary is a multi-use rental space. You can set it up with rows of chairs only (like a typical Sunday morning church service) or with round tables and chairs (for meals).


Active RiverLife Members:
$25/day for small events (less than 75 people)
$50/day for larger events (more than 75 people)

Non-RiverLife Renters
Sanctuary & Lobby: $300
Lobby Only: $100
Kitchen: $150
Additional Rooms: free

For ALL events, a RiverLife representative ($25/hr) is also required onsite for the duration of the event.


Sanctuary (chairs only): 275
Sanctuary (tables & chairs): 150
Lounge: 20-40, depending on setup

RiverLife has full audio and video capabilities, with the ability to play music, play video and slideshows, and even record the event. There is also a TV in the lobby that can be used to display a slideshow. If sound or video is needed, one or more AV techs ($25/hr) are required.

We have the following decorations available for rent.

  • Black Tablecloths ($25/$50*) - Great for the table & chair configurations.

  • White Satin Chair Covers ($25/$50*) - We recommend these for events with eating. They improve the look of the room while protecting from chair stains, which incur a $20 per stain cleaning fee.)

  • String Light Canopy ($25) - Over 300 feet of white string lights criss-cross above the seats of the sanctuary.

*$25 for small events (less than 75 people), $50 for large events (more than 75 people)

A refundable $250 deposit is required. Checks can be made out to RiverLife Church and will be cashed upon receipt. Deposits will be fully returned unless there is damage to the facility or excessive cleaning required after the event.

If you have questions or would like to talk through your event, text or call us at 651-560-0408 or use the Contact Us page.


Reserve your date with details about the event

Complete the form event details about your event. Also, please review the Terms of Use (below). You will be asked to agree to them at the end of this form.

What rooms will you need? *
What A/V equipment will you need? *
Would like to rent any additional accessories?
Do you agree to the Terms of Use (below), including the C&MA Statement of Faith? *


  1. All renters must agree to the C&MA Statement of Faith. (This is a denominational requirement to use the facility.) 
  2. Outside groups must provide a current Certificate of Insurance.
  3. RiverLife Church congregational programs shall have priority over all other requests. Commitments to outside groups may have to be altered due to unexpected church needs such as a funeral.
  4. RiverLife Church buildings and grounds are smoke-free, alcohol-free, and weapons-free.
  5. Open flame candles are not permitted. Only electronic or flameless candles can be used.
  6. Cancellations must be made at least 48 hours in advance of the scheduled event. If your event is cancelled less than 48 hours before the event, 50% of the deposit ($125) will be forfeited. If cancellation occurs within 24 hours, 100% of the deposit ($250) will be forfeited.
  7. Please notify the church of any time changes or other modifications to the Rental Agreement, such as having more people, requiring additional tables and/or chairs, etc.
  8. Please plan ahead to ensure that you allow enough time for decoration and set up of the rooms. If you exceed the time contracted, you will incur a fee of $25/hour to cover the additional time that the RiverLife coordinator or church staff must be onsite.
  9. Arrangements of tables and chairs are the responsibility of the renter. All furniture must be placed back into its original position. If you plan to move any furniture, we recommend taking pictures of its original configuration.
  10. You may only use the rooms that rented & reserved ahead of time. Any usage of any additional rooms by adults or unattended children, including exploring the church or playing with toys, will incur a $100 fee per classroom/office and a $150 fee for the large children's ministry space in the lower level.
  11. Any equipment on the sanctuary stage may not be moved without the RiverLife coordinator’s approval.
  12. It is expected that you will leave the facilities in the same general condition as provided. Once the event is finished, it is your responsibility to see that all rooms used are left in a clean and orderly fashion. A checklist for clean-up will be provided. The church custodian can be hired for a fee of $25 per hour. Custodial hiring must be arranged prior to the day of the event. A fee of $50 will automatically be taken out of the deposit if the renter does not follow through on the clean-up expectations. Church staff will check the condition of the rooms and make sure nothing is left behind. If there are questions or concerns, the person responsible for that event will be contacted.
  13. If anything gets damaged or broken, such as equipment, walls, furniture, or carpet spills, please notify the RiverLife coordinator or church office (651-560-0408) AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Any attempt to hide damage will result in the full forfeiture of your damage deposit.

You can pay for your rental fees online here:

Pay Rental Fee